What a beautiful day as always with Children so eager to learn. Counting my blessings  as always for the opportunities I have to connect through stories. Am surprised by the Awesome Power of Story Telling every time I tell a Good Story! Arefa Tehsin’s “The Elephant Bird ” was indeed a good story! Loved the participation, smiles and involvement of the children of Gopal Saraswati School , Noida. The eyes widening as the story unfolded, the fun faces, the excitement in the voices of the children kept the Story Teller in me wanting to go on and on.It is amazing to see the impact story telling has on people.  The power a story teller holds on his or her audience is so huge that anything can be taught or conveyed in these moments of connection. Wishing and hoping teachers in the schools I tell stories in are able to recognise this power and make use of it and make a boring class into a fun teachable moment.

Next steps and learnings…..

1. Go back to the  school and take the teachers through nuances and tricks of good story telling . Keep connecting with them on regular basis.

2. To drive into them , that this power to tell stories can be used in everyday life at school, by every subject teacher  and for anything, any lesson, any content, any concept!

3. Involve the children in story telling and starting story telling hours in all the schools for under privileged children we work for.

4. To finally start a Story Telling Group ..with people who believe in this Awesome Power of Story Telling.

Wish me luck ….as it’s high time that I consolidate my learnings from years of connecting with kids and teachers and magicians called story tellers here in India and some who I recently met in Toronto.

Signing off  with a promise to myself to do more and more  ! image

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