Remembering 3 idiots today in wake of my son’s approaching Board Examinations – THE BIG ONES, the biggest ones!

Sitting in my cozy chair, sipping a lovely cup of tea, I can’t help but go back in time….. reminiscing my tenth board examinations( they were the big ones in our times)….Seeing myself as a scared,  ready to give up girl, shivering by the thought of my next paper MATH. Oh my God , all those anxieties, I can still feel fear rushing in my veins like wild fire and almost killing me ….burning me with zillion scary thoughts …..I will probably fail,what if I fail , what if I don’t make it. Don’t get me wrong , I was a good student but to have a Spine- chilling…Bull Dog of a Math teacher is always a bad idea… I passed the exam but it left a scar and left me all most an idiot in Mathematics for a long time to come.

Coming back to Boards and our kids ….pressure continues … our expectations have sky rocketed now that we are parents. Kids are smarter today , they get more marks , they’ve got everything going  for them. But sadly what hasn’t changed is the fear, a companion which doesn’t leave their side ever … .what if I fail , what if I don’t do well enough for getting into that coveted college ….. and what if’s continue. Plus living with time bombs … us parents, hanging there with our kids …. silently praying for them to be at the top.

Are we passing the anxiety and adding to the vowes of our children? …. but, if we give them a finger , they happily grab our arm right! So better is to keep the pressure cooker on the stove, only letting the whistle release the steam a little at a time.

Some lines from 3 IDIOTS which resonate with us still …. even when we know better that…..the twelfth boards isn’t the worst cliff hanger of their lives…. there is more to come and much worse. AND LIFE DOES GOES ON in either scenarios!

“Remember – Life is a race. If you don’t run fast enough, someone will overtake you and move faster.” – Virus.( now we don’t agree with that on paper but ……….?)

“Never study to be successful, study for self efficiency. Don’t run behind success. Follow behind excellence, success will come all way behind you.” – Rancho.( that’s true right …but aren’t we parents forgetting this at this crucial time in our kids lives? )

“But you be whatever your heart tells you to. And if he scares you too much. Keep a hand over your heart and say, “AAL IZZ WELL!” – Rancho.


Just hang in there KIDS, keep releasing your steam and keep working hard … .and keep that fear in check..that is A Giant Monster.. the biggest roadblock!

KEEP IT IN CHECK PARENTS , Don’t let your kids snap….not now … when you or them can’t afford it at all!

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