Half of our lives are over or let’s say half of our lives are yet to be lived. Been through many stages, a few more milestones to reach ….some which have limits , some other limitless that are right there , others unknown and boundless. Looking forward to all of them ….Growing old -greying hair and those cute little wrinkles which keep getting deeper with each look in the mirror.  Evolving- making life more meaningful, keeping our hearts young, trying the hardest to keep our brains sharp and most importantly going back to being the happy twosome again!

Philosophical today yes ….feeling lost yes but happy as our kids seem to have found their life paths for the coming few years. Also a little sad because this roller coaster stage of babies in our tummies to much taller beings than us seems to have ended the soonest it feels. But no complaints because life has been good. We are living in three different time zones ….counting our blessings for being fortunate enough to give the exposure of different worlds to our children.

Welcoming the new stage, welcoming for sure but also missing the old one …missing it a hell of a lot .Too soon, too too soon right now. There is no blaring music in the house, kids music has been replaced by my phone alarm reminders to call them at their most convenient times….one’s morning is our night and the other’s morning our evening, so phone calls and video chats work well in the morning for one and night for the other. House is the cleanest it’s been in ages, things seem to be all in their designated places forever, kids room doors are open, dog is coping by hibernating, phone chargers aren’t missing anymore, almirahs have never been more organised, bathroom floors are absolutely dry, TV remotes are right there….not in the crevices of sofas anymore. House is weirdly quiet, there are no disagreements, no howling, no pleading for late nights, no fighting , no getting after the kids to clean, get off the phone and asking them to give Netflix a break. No one is pulling anyone’s legs, no drops , no pick ups and no laying the table for four anymore till …sometime to come. Everything seems to be new, changed and our world has taken a 360 degree turn.

Market trips feel needless and when I do make the occasional trip ….the realisation of having no kids at home hits hard. The grocery bill is the smallest it’s been in 19 years. My eyes that have been used to checking out the freezers have small tears rolling down the cheeks because all the cheese slices, the cream spreads and butters seem to looking at me begging to be bought. The dressed up windows in the mall seem to  be waiting for December to come, ice cream vendors have all disappeared from my way back home, the stationary guy in our local market doesn’t give me a familiar grin anymore and evening walks without his brother and sister seem to be much less exciting for our dog !

Lived half of our lives …..half yet to be lived.
Welcoming the new stage but with a heavy heart right now. It’s going to get better I know so going all out to learn more , experience more and work more !

Saluting my parents and all other parents who have been there …done that…..who have done a fabulous job of going back to being the same happy two some again!

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