Another year of heart break is here. Am again seeing parents go through pain, plethora of emotions , constant worrying and loads of loads of anxiety. Time for our kids to go conquer the world on their own… Ok …cutting out the drama, let’s just simply say it’s time for them to go to College.

What is it, I am forced to wonder this year too. Is it the pain of the umbilical cord snapping or simply lacking the courage to let go? They say it’s difficult to lose control and our neediness is what makes us so so vulnerable at advent of this new phase in our kids lives. I don’t think so .. it isn’t that, we parents aren’t worried of losing control or losing the connection with our children. That was the bargain we got into with God , when we were bestowed with gifts  so precious. We took them in, made them our own, loved them to bits, protected them from the outside world  and laughed and made merry for many years hence. The gifts however had an expiration date and we knew it , we took them in with the condition of letting them go one day.

Parents by definition are people who will jump in front of the wagon to save their kids …endangering their own lives ever so often , actually forever. So where is the selfishness? It isn’t our neediness that makes our hearts sadder. Instead it’s the fear and the constant worry. What if our children aren’t ready to walk the path….full of roadblocks alone.

We will have to let go and keep faith… because though we are looking forward to live our lives without their presence from here on … we will remain hanging on a live wire for sometime to come. Let’s keep reminding ourselves that they will soon return for their winter- summer breaks and slowly and steadily convince us that whatever life is throwing at them… they are taking it all in their stride.

Duck or catch when that bouncer or opportunity comes Kids!

Duck and catch on your own-We Parents can’t help anymore!

Make that decision, bad or good-We Parents can only hope good ones overweigh the bad ones!

Fight your own battles Kids-We Parents are waiting to calm our hearts and make peace with you taking out your own ammunition and your own little armour!

We CAN do without You kids!

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